The Work Workout

Many of us don’t have the jobs of old where manual labour was demanded at work, often keeping people in shape while still getting their jobs done. Nowadays it seems our jobs have us glued to a not so comfy little chair in a cubicle somewhere. Well just because our jobs have become less strenuous, there is no reason our bodies have to suffer from staring at a screen for 8 hours of the day. With some of these tips we will be able to feel the burn even at the workplace.

1.Basic of the basics, STAIRS! forget that cramped old elevator, find you some stairs and make sure you take them from now on, really get those legs pumping.

2.Wall Sits! from time to time plant your feet steadily from your chair and hold yourself out of the seat for 30-60 seconds. Keep you form that you would normally have from sitting in your chair but hold yourself out of it.

3.Not everything we do has to be noticed. Alot of the workout can be done from your chair under your desk, just stick your legs out and do some leg raises from time to time. Hold your legs straight our for 10-30 seconds, then lower them almost to the floor, then back up again for a few reps.

4.Trying to get through a rough day at work, take out some stress with a little prayer so to speak. Put your hands in front of your chest and press your palms togetehr as hard as you can until you feel your arms contract. do this though out the workday to really feel the burn in those arms.

5.Get that core shaped up this season by doing some obliques. Grab your desk from your chair and raise your legs. Then slowly and purposefully swivel your chair from side to side using only your core.



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