Anti-Inflammatory Hoax

We have all done it before, dead-lifting to much, pulled something during the practice, or maybe just slept on our back wrong, the cause doesn’t matter, what matters is that we have pain in our lower back now for one reason or another. Now we are all guilty of doing this, but at some point of another we have probably walked into our washroom and grabbed an Advil or two to kill the pain. Well as many of us have realized and probably just ignored, that really doesn’t work much. The reasoning is because anti inflammatory drugs like Advil are not addressing the issue that we have with our pain back there. They are designed for swelling and inflamed muscle tissue which simply doesn’t fix our back pain. Now you don’t have to take my word for it, some researchers down at The George Institute for Global Health have really narrowed down why and have proven through testing that only one of of six people feel any sort of results from taking one at all. What is worse is that there can even be side affects from taking it like stomach ulcers. Moral of the story, if you are having some back pain, talk to a professional for advice before diving into your stock of over he counter meds for a quick fix. We want to make sure you are feeling good enough to get back into the gym!

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