Stay Active on Spring Break

It’s that time of the year again! The one or two weeks kids (and parents) look forward to all year – SPRING BREAK!! Whether you’ll be staying at home or heading out on vacation, it’s easy to fall into bad habits and delay your health and fitness goals you’ve worked so hard to maintain during the year. We’re all guilty of it – (unless you’re adamant on sticking to your diet and prepare to cook every night on vacation) going out to different restaurants on trips is part of the fun. You get to let loose and not have to think about any of the stress going on at work or home. You can finally get away from it and relax.


HOWEVER, it’s that kind of mentality that makes people lose all of the awesome progress they’ve been making in the gym. Let loose and have fun, but still try to choose the healthier option at dinner a few nights a week, add some healthy snacks to your pool bag, remember that alcohol still has calories (that add up quickly), and that there are plenty of activities you can do on vacation to remain active.


We’ve listed a few ideas few ways to stay active on vacation-

  • Stake your claim at the beach and then go on a walk in the sand
  • Get some fresh, grilled seafood at a restaurant instead of going for the fried version
  • Play games with your kids, or the group of people you travelled with
  • Go for a swim in the pool
  • Wake up and start your day off with a nice run or bike ride
  • Instead of driving to places close by, walk or ride a bike there instead
  • Do a workout on the beach


We hope everyone has a safe and (somewhat) healthy spring break! Be ready to work off those extra calories when you get back! Feel free to comment below and share some ways you and your family stay active on vacation!

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