Michael “Mr. Motion” White, the founder and president of Body-N-Motion, has developed a unique set of skills through rehabilitating himself twice from paralyzing injuries. Many of his clients have found his techniques priceless in their pursuit to heal their bodies. Many of their chief concerns are the dexterity of their hands, knees, back pains and overall poor posture that comes with life and aging. The following is information about what Michael does and why it is unique.­

Mr. Michael D. White, B.S. in Exercise Science, along with 25 years of hands on training experience with 1000’s of clients. Michael utilizes a combination of the following techniques:

  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
  • Muscle Activation
  • Passive Tendon and Joint Realignment
  • Biomechanical Alignment / Kinesthetic Awareness
  • Neurological Stimulation Through Personalized Exercises
  • Specialized Exercises to Strengthen-Re-build damaged areas of the body
  • Functional Training

Resulting in:

  • Regeneration and Realignment
  • Increased Flexibility and a Heightened Reflex Response
  • Recalibrating of the Neurological System
  • Increased Performance of Your Body

What this means for you:

  • Increased Dexterity and Mobility
  • Decrease in Joint and Body Pains
  • Career Longevity
  • Better Health

In addition, BNM specializes in programs for any physical goal you might have; weight-loss, body building, movement re-education, core and muscle balance, toning, athletic performance, flexibility, and much more. Michael has developed and mentored a fantastic group of degreed and/or certified trainers. They utilize the knowledge and techniques they have learned to get you great results. Following the overall re-building programs that BNM specializes will insure we can bring out the best in you!

About Body-N-Motion &Training with our Trainers:

  • We are by appointment only. Meaning you never have to wait for a machine, worry about crowds or gawking, and you can get the absolute personal attention you need.
  • We do not have membership fees or contracts
  • We offer 1-hour training sessions, insuring you have enough time to get warmed up, trained and stretched before returning to your hectic life.

Our trainers are excellent, and we get results! Please come in for a free one hour health and wellness evaluation to meet with one of our trainers. I know you will see and feel the benefits of our programs, as they will allow you to function at your highest level. Do it for you, your families and your career.

Remember a body N motion stays in motion! “Mr. Motion”

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