Levi Byers

My name is Levi Byers. I am a graduate of Manchester University where I earned a degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences. I have an ACSM Personal Training Certification and a true passion for fitness. I have had a passion for exercise since I was young and I share my passion through my training. I love to help my clients reach their personal goals through individualized workout regimens. While I am a trainer, I am also a client. I have become a student of the profession. I am always staying up to date and learning new techniques of training to better my clients experience. I have also gone through a transformation of my own in the last year. I am down 90 pounds from my heaviest weight and still working towards my final weight loss goal.  I look forward to sharing my knowledge and passion for fitness here at Body-N-Motion!

Get in contact with me and put “Train me” in the subject line!

Email: byerslevi@yahoo.com

Phone: (765) 431-8155